Our Partners

Adv. Anil Thomas belverdia profile pic jpg Adv. Anil Thomas – Senior Partner
Adv. Anil Thomas is a renowned expert in the field of Corporate Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law and International Arbitration and has been practicing law in various capacities since 1992. He is a trusted advisor to many Statesmen, Corporate, Government and Semi-Government Institutions in India,and is well known in elite social circles His forte includes corporate structuring and strategic positioning. Belverdia Legal LLP was founded on the expertise and leadership of Adv. Anil Thomas

profile pic belverdia Adv.Rashmi. K. Varma png file

Adv. Rashmi K. Varma – Partner
Adv. Rashmi K. Varma has been practicing as a Lawyer since 1998 before the Hon’ble High Court of Kerala. Her expertise is in Constitutional Law, Town Planning Law, Municipality Law, SARFAESI, Criminal Law etc. She has commendable experience in the field of drafting and presenting cases in the Hon’ble High Court of Kerala as well as other Courts, Tribunals and authorities in India, tendering legal opinions and advising clients.
She remained as Central Government Standing Counsel for 6 consecutive years from 2009- 2014. Presently she is the standing Counsel and consultant for various institutions in both Public and Private sectors, various charitable and non profit organizations etc. She is also member of several prestigious social organizations.

Belverdia Associate

JB ARSEN has over a decade of collective expertise and experience in the field of Tax, Corporate Law, Corporate Finance and Accounting across a wide array of industries. A unique combination of services under a single roof, lead by a team of young and vibrant minds, JB ARSEN offers its clients a one stop solution, and assures its clients deliverance of quality services. Our key personnel are Mr. Balakrishnan.K and Mr.Jose Jacob, both having vast experience in dealing with corporate matters in India.

profile pic JB ARSEN Chartered Accountant Mr. Balakrishnan K  png file Mr. Balakrishnan K, a Chartered Accountant by profession, heads the Direct Tax and Corporate Finance Division at JB ARSEN. He specializes in advising clients with respect to transactions from a tax and regulatory perspective including assistance in mergers and acquisitions and international tax. He also specializes in advising corporates and individuals on process and operational controls and in finalization of effective financial strategies.

Mr. Jose Jacob heads the Indirect Tax and Corporate Law Services Division at JB ARSEN. png file Mr. Jose Jacob, an Advocate by profession, heads the Indirect Tax and Corporate Law Services Division at JB ARSEN. He specializes in advising clients with respect to transactions from an indirect tax and corporate law perspective, including assistance in implementation of tax optimal and commercially efficient corporate structures. From a legal perspective, he specializes in providing clients with practical legal solutions taking into consideration the business requirements of each individual client.